How to Make Ice Cream Balls

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Craving a dessert that is both simple and decadent? April shows you how to assemble an ice cream ball, complete with toasted pecans and homemade fudge sauce.
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Lisa S
12:55 AM 13 December 2015
Thank you for such an interesting desert idea. This is a favourite of mine.
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Lorraine R
2:14 PM 23 August 2014
Very Sweet lesson.
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Lorraine R
2:10 PM 23 August 2014
Looks very yummy. I can think of many variations to this, too
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Chitra F
5:02 PM 02 December 2013
it looks yummy
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gwynne h
2:23 PM 13 November 2013
How can I get a copy of the recipe? Maybe even something with pictures.
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