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Eric Balzarini

Eric Balzarini, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed.
Eric has been teaching for over 20 years and has taught Math at every high school level from 8th grade up to Advanced Placement Calculus. He completed his Master’s degree in Educational Practice, focusing on technology in education and student-centered learning. More recently he has been heavily involved in implementing new curriculum as a published author of textbooks and other learning resources.
For a number of years Eric has been creating and using videos as a tool in his teaching. He strives to help people see how math can be found all around us by introducing and developing math concepts in a concrete way, using everyday, real-world situations. Rather than simply showing ‘how to do the math’, his goal is to help others develop a fundamental, conceptual understanding of mathematics, and most importantly, to help people learn to think mathematically about the world around them.

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