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This lesson provides an introduction to the first limb of yoga: Yama. It describes the five Yamas, what they are, how to use them, and their benefits.

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Richard K
Here’s my translation of ‘brahmacharya.’ (All the others I can do in just a few words.) “There are a ton of really good distractions out there, sex and drugs being among the biggest. Getting caught up in any of them (for or against) drains your energy and distorts you vision, especially towards other people. So for the benefit of everyone involved, gently cultivate a genuine attitude of indifference towards anything that tends to make you self-centered and/or selfish.” Maybe this’ll be useful.
Curious .
Beautifully put Richard and very useful addition. Thank you! Equanimity, as similar traditions to yoga teach, is the way to overcome the suffering that comes from cravings and aversions, which are ultimately all distractions.
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Andra A
Thank-you so much for this wonderful course Evita!
Curious .
You are most welcome and thank you for your feedback :)
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