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Green Smoothies as Optimal Foods

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This healthy eating lesson explains why green smoothies are easy on your pocketbook and waistline, and how easy they are to add to your daily routine.

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David G
Very strait forward. Well done
Curious .
Thank you so much for the nice feedback, David.
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I believe this course will succeed to strengthen my emerging smoothie habit. although I have learned from here and there , my knowledge is still not enough .I agree about all the powders. even when they are the most healthy ones,they are ,still, very expensive. I think I will stay only with the different berrys powders since its difficult to find them fresh and even frozen on my area . I also, still , have problem with the taste the smoothies. I hope I will find the answers here.:)
Curious .
It is great that you are choosing healthy food options via green smoothies. Usually flavor is best when smoothies include bananas and do not include too many ingredients. Simpler is usually much better. Wishing you enjoyable and tasty green smoothie experiences :)
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Danijel T
Such an inspiring video, thank you for all your energy and enthusiasm.
Curious .
My pleasure, and thank you for taking the time to share your feedback :)
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George K
Hi Evita, i see that at the course there is a ''choosing your blender'' section. Thought that a juicer rather than a blender is the way to go when it comes to green juices. Having a blender and failing miserably in terms of the outcome and taste (i have bought green juices from stores which use juicers and are great) i wonder if all the lessons go with blending
Curious .
Hi George Great question. Juices and smoothies are not the same in terms of their function and nutrition. Smoothies are whole food meals, juices are extracts of foods. So in that lesson I explain the difference further and why if we are making smoothies we need a blender, not a juicer. Both are healthy for many reasons and have lots in common but each serves a different purpose.
Curious .
So yes the entire course is focused on smoothies/blending and understanding their functions and potential.
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Nita F
Thanks for sharing great info!
Curious .
You are most welcome, and thank you for your feedback :)
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