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Introduction to How to Play Pool

Impress your friends at the bar and learn how to play pool. This lesson reveals billiards secrets that you would never dream of. Get ready to win at pool!
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al l
4:36 AM 07 July 2015
Do you have CDs?
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al l
4:28 AM 07 July 2015
I want to learn what your teaching
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Leroy C
8:13 PM 06 April 2015
Hi my name is Leroy Crile and I purchased the zerox kicking system when you were giving the banking for free . Since then my computer crashed so I was wandering if it would be possible if you could send me it again ? Thanks Leroy
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Pete B
6:42 PM 25 February 2015
Oops great Tor ! I already have your material though . Saw this when looking at curious. Like the questions .
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Curious U
5:59 PM 16 October 2014
You sure made all you did look very simple. I'm 68, shooting 54 years and still open to help. Thanks, Niles
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