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Introduction to How to Play Pool

by Zero-X Billiards

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Pool & Billiards for Beginners
Lesson 1 – "Introduction to How to Play Pool" by Zero-X Billiards
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What you'll learn in this course

Improve your pool game with these foolproof techniques anyone can master! In this course from Zero-X Billiards, learn the basics of pool in four easy lessons. Start with an overview of the game, then develop fundamental bridge hand and stroke techniques. Next, fine-tune your pool stroke and stance, then finish with a lesson on automatic aiming—the skill that wins games. This course provides students with the skills and the confidence to improve their playing by leaps and bounds!

Introduction to How to Play Pool
5 min
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Impress your friends at the bar and learn how to play pool. This lesson reveals billiards secrets that you would never dream of. Get ready to win at pool!
  • Lesson Intro
  • Main Goals
  • Exercise - Goal Setting
  • The Fundamentals
  • Exercise - Pool Strokes
  • Eight Ball Problems
  • Exercise - Cue Ball Technique
  • Learn Killer Shots
  • Exercise - A Better Player
  • Final Assignment
  • 4 step-by-step lessons to master what's important
  • 49 minutes of learning-packed video that isn't sleep-inducing
  • 16 exercises and 4 assignments with personalized teacher feedback
  • 1 attachment so you can learn by actually doing
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  • roger b: Great lesson ? Should I take a Few Lessons from a Pro ? How Expensive will the Lessons Be ? Are they #0 Mins, or 60 Mins. I Live in Oak Ridge , Tennessee can you Recommend a Pro or where I can get Lessons ?
  • james i: I use to be a very good player but watching your video wil help me become a better player
  • Nacole P: Thanks for the pointers.
  • Jose T: Great
  • Sarah B: Best instructor ever, thanks Tor! Can't wait for what's to come! :)
    • Zero-X Billiards: Thanks Sarah, you're an awesome person and very appreciated!
  • Hector C: GREAT LESSON
  • Dennis P: god i got to have a leason this is great
    • Zero-X Billiards: Dennis, I'm not sure if you've seen any of the '14 Days - The Great Pool Experiment' episodes. If not, here's a link to one. Soon you'll see some great lessons being introduced exclusively on I'm really looking forward to getting to the advanced lessons but am happy to work with all levels, as long as each person has determination to be their best!
  • Donald C: great lesson
    • Zero-X Billiards: Thanks Donald! There's more lessons up now and many more to come. I'm looking forward to releasing some advanced lessons here on that I don't have on any of my releases.
  • michael l: Iwould like to know how to draw the que ball back to end of the table
  • Brandon G: Hi Tor!!! I believe I am student #40!!! I left a blurb about what my goals were for the up and coming 14 Day training after the new year!!! Thank you again for this great opportunity!!!
    • Brandon G: Awesome!!! I can't wait!!! Thank you for getting back to me!!! I know you and your crew are extremely busy!!!
    • Zero-X Billiards: Hi Brandon, I'll be communicating schedules soon. It's important to me to complete editing of the Minnesota, Indiana and Texas episodes of '14 Days - The Great Pool Experiment' before I get back on the road. I think I've picked a great student in you and am looking forward to working directly with you!
  • Karan F: I am a beginer and I need help on controlling qball with straight shots
  • Henry G: I'm a beginner, I Really apreciate the great lessons. I will be tipping later in the next month.
  • Brian M: Have not seen how to 'actually' make a shot yet!
  • edward y: how do I get these lessons?
    • Zero-X Billiards: Hi Edward, There are some new ones posted now which you should be able to see. This one was basically an introduction. I'm really looking forward to publishing my advanced lessons. In the meantime, be sure to follow Zero-X Billiards on Facebook too. You'll find great instructional material there as well.
  • Tom K: Excellent introduction video
  • Dick S: Banking system
    • Zero-X Billiards: Hi Dick, My banking system video is available at this link: I will be publishing exclusively on some additional banking lessons and am really looking forward to getting to publish more advanced training. I'll be sure to include lessons for any level player. It's important to me to be able to help all levels; my way of giving back to the pool community.
  • Leroy C: it will help me alo
  • Andromeda Q: After years of shooting for fun, I am finally stepping up my confidence in the game to play a tourney in the near future! Your videos have been extremely helpful! Thank you.
  • Michael M: Tom I am very impressed with your lessons and your "teaching method". Thanks, Mike Montalvo
  • Patrick N: True or False? If you watch any of these lessons, you will become a better pool player???
  • billy p: learned something to help my game
  • Catherine P: I know nothing about the strategies of pool playing but want to learn. I recently purchased a pool table for my husband. He plays and will teach me but I'd like to work on the basics and understand the language of pool playing. I enjoyed watching this video. If only....
  • Pete B: Oops great Tor ! I already have your material though . Saw this when looking at curious. Like the questions .
  • Julie V: I've been playing since I was about 10 years old and now I really want to show how good I can be Instead of doing the same mistakes over and over thankyou so much
  • Wilmer T: price of instruction book & how to obtain
  • Curious U: You sure made all you did look very simple. I'm 68, shooting 54 years and still open to help. Thanks, Niles
  • Bridget W: Sounds like you really know this game, and have a great ability to break it down into simple techniques so that anyone could at least improve their skill level learning from you!
  • Christopher C: The lessons weren't just lessons, they were fun lessons... I look forward to your next lesson.
  • Nicholas D: I think your lessons are the best. I am pocketing balls from any place on the table. Just wish you would put out a straight pool lesson.
  • Eric O: Awesome instruction as always Tor!
  • David F: Good info as always Tor and Zero-X Billiards Team....
  • frederick h: yes i like this lesson
  • Wolfgang M: how to get target of your ball to the pot?
  • César S: Thanks Tor for sharing your knowledge, I've learned a lot with you. Thanks.
    • César S: Hi Tor, I did not receive the link for the kicking update. Please send it. Thanks.
    • César S: Thanks Tor, I already received the updated file
    • Zero-X Billiards: Thanks César. You've always been very kind. I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback on my upcoming releases. Hope you received your kicking update download. More exciting things to come, especially new lessons for students.
    • César S: Tor, please check what is wrong because I'm still waiting for the link. Thanks.
  • Stevo G: Great lesson. I use to be a very good player but watching your video wil help me become a better player. Please visit new games giveaway.
  • Dan B: I'm able to get the intro but no leasons nice ad but no information
    • Zero-X Billiards: Hi Dan, There are some new ones posted now which you should be able to see. This one was basically an introduction. I'm really looking forward to publishing my advanced lessons. In the meantime, be sure to follow Zero-X Billiards on Facebook too. You'll find great instructional material there as well and links to my pool reality show, '14 Days - The Great Pool Experiment.' Thanks, Tor
  • poop f: lol i noticed i was doing every rookie mistake, with me knowing what not to do i feel im far better than where i was before. Looking to have some fun with this new knowledge :)
  • Steven D: Great
  • Tim T: I've been supplementing my pool practice for years with books and what I could find online and in magazines. I was improving, but there were so many holes in my understanding I hardly knew what to do next. I got the Zero-X video instruction set about six weeks ago, and I now have many, many months (years?) of systematic, productive practice laid out. I am excited to find Tor here on Curious, and am looking forward to following his ongoing instruction. Thanks Tor, and thanks Curious.
    • Zero-X Billiards: Thanks Tim, You're an awesome person and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better as a pool player and friend here and on Facebook. I really appreciate and value all your kind words. Watch for announcements coming on many new things. Editing last three cities for '14 Days - The Great Pool Experiment,' but will soon be very active again here and on Facebook. Great things to come! Thanks again, Tor
  • roger b: This is a great training aid for anyone wanting to improve their Pool Shooting ? I've not shot in 40 years so I just beginning to remember shots that I could Make ? Now I'm Lost and am a beginner and I'm losing every game ?