How to Hold Yarn to Crochet

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Let’s get back to basics. This lesson from Yarn Obsession shows you three ways to hold yarn while crocheting. Choose the one that is most comfortable for you!

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Jacquie P
Oh my.... ha ha, I hold my hook and the yarn all with my right hand. I hold whatever I'm making in my left. I loop over the hook with my right index finger, and I control the tension that way. I do the same way when I knit. I've been crocheting and knitting since I was about 5 or so, and I have always done it this way~ 40 years. I've tried to change, but I cannot! And yet all my projects turn out just like they are supposed to, gauge and tension correct. :)
Sedruola Maruska
LOL That's awesome! That's why I always tell people there really is no "wrong" way to do it, just find whatever feels comfortable to you and go with it. As long as you have no pain, and can get the right tension, you're fine! Thanks for sharing, I've never met anyone who holds like you do. ;-)
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Jean D
Thank yo for taking your time to show this it helps alot
Sedruola Maruska
So happy to hear that Jean!
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Tammy C
Thank you, Sedie. I'm a newbie at crochet and was struggling with holding the yarn. Mystery has been solved:))
Sedruola Maruska
Awesome! I'm very happy to hear that Tammy! Happy hooking!
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Marion G
found the lesson very informative on the different ways to hold the yarn and apply the tension.
Sedruola Maruska
Thank you Marion! So happy to hear it!
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Pat L
you don't show holding it across the middle finger. I wrap around the pinkie and across the top of the middle finger, which controls the tension so I can hold the work with my index finger and thumb. I wonder how many other people use this hold? Thank you for your informative lesson.
Sedruola Maruska
Thanks Pat! There are so many holds because it depends on what's comfortable for you. I could only show a few. :)
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