Wing Chun Combat Basic Training | Part 2

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Develop your martial arts skills further with the Master Wong Wing Chun training system. This lesson works on lateral movements, grabs, pulls, and trapping.
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Rodger B
5:53 PM 24 May 2014
I would like to know do the master have a DVD of wing chung basic training part 1 & 2
Wing Chun Master
8:26 PM 30 December 2015
yes i do. you can check out my website:
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Tiesha J
2:48 PM 24 May 2014
Wonderful trainer...would love to train with him at his school
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7:57 PM 01 May 2014
Wing Chun Master
8:26 PM 30 December 2015
There are some lessons that require a training partner for realistic training, however there are basic training you can do on your own as well to build a strong foundation.
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perry s
9:56 PM 29 April 2014
well done lesson
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Edgar B
3:27 AM 15 April 2014 do you focus on movement of the hands just like what your doing...
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