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How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

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Learn the basics of wine tasting in this lesson from Wind Down with Wine. You’ll get tips on how to go beyond a simple sip and learn what wine is all about.

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Charles C
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Rosa H
Thanks for the lesson. I Love Wine!
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Viveros M
Did I miss it or did you say exactly what is the significance of the legs? What do they tell you and what would you expect from a wine with no legs?
Wind Down with Wine
The legs are created by the difference in evaporation and surface tension between the alcohol and the water in the wine. Alcohol evaporates more quickly than water, as it does, the surface tension of the water pulls itself together to form the legs as it travels down the inside of the glass. Really, there is not much of significance to them, they mostly just look cool.
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Judy E
Thank you for this lesson. I love to drink red wine, but I didn't have the knowledge to judge a good wine. You have given me some valuable tips.
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Sylvia S
Thank you for an interesting lesson. Now I'm going to see how to open a bottle the proper way....not my way.
Wind Down with Wine
Pilots say, "Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing". I won't knock any method that works, but some are decidedly easier than others.
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