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My name is Heather and I've been working on Vegas-Aces since May of 2010. The reason why I decided to make these videos and my website is because I believe all information should be free and easy to obtain for everyone. That is why I not only have "How to Play" videos but also "How to Deal" videos so that way I can help people get a job and advance in their casino career.

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Latest lesson from Vegas Aces

I'd love to share with you my newest lesson on Curious, How to Bet in 3 Card Poker.

In this first lesson on how to play three card poker for beginners, learn all about poker hand rankings, and the different styles of betting in this card game.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Curiously yours,
Vegas Aces

Latest lesson from Vegas Aces

Ready for a new lesson? I am excited to share my most recently published lesson How to Play 21+3 Blackjack.

If you love card games, then get ready to learn a fun version of Blackjack in this lesson! Learn to play 21+3, which is a mix of Blackjack and 3 Card Poker.

Let me know what you think of the lesson. And remember, I'm here if you have any questions!

Thanks, Vegas Aces

New Curious lesson - How to Play Double Up

I'm thrilled to share my newest lesson How to Play Double Up.

Get ready for your next trip to the casino and learn learn how to play Double Up! Learn about the game rules, the Red Black side wager, and the point system.

Happy Learning!

How to Deal Blackjack Videos

I am happy to announce that Vegas-Aces has a brand new course!

In our new "How to Deal Blackjack" videos, you will learn the basics of the game, how to handle the cards and cheques, casino procedures, game security, what to look for when players cheat and real life experiences from a dealer.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments. I'd be happy to help you out!

Have a good day,
~ Heather

The Blackjack Strategy Guide

I am happy to announce a brand new Vegas Aces lesson!

In "The Blackjack Strategy Guide," you will learn how to use the one piece of reference material that every blackjack player should have, from its history to its many variations.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments. I'd be happy to help you out!

Until next time,

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