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Fun with Flowers and J

J Schwanke is "The Flower Expert" and Host of Fun with Flowers and J on uBloom.com. J created uBloom.com for everyone that loves flowers! uBloom is Bursting with all sorts of Flower Information! With over 500 "How to" Arrange Flower Videos, 1000's of Fresh Cut Videos that teach you tips, tricks and inspire you with Colors, Trends and Much More! J Love Flowers and he's on a Mission to share his Love of Flowers with everyone he meets! Check out his Lessons here on Curious.com and visit uBloom.com for More Flower Arranging Info!

I have a new lesson, Garden Style Wedding Bouquet!

I have a new lesson, Garden Style Wedding Bouquet!

Ready for a fun flower wedding lesson? I am excited to share my most recently published lesson, Garden Style Wedding Bouquet.

I'll share the tips for creating a natural blend of foliage, lilies, and roses with this lesson on how to make a garden style wedding bouquet that is both glamorous and traditional.

Happy Learning!

Curiously yours,
J Schwanke - Host of Fun with Flowers on uBloom.com

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