How to Grout Tile

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Does your tile floor need a fresh look? Learn to apply a fresh layer of grout with this step-by-step demonstration of mixing, applying and cleaning tile grout.
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Brooke S
3:35 AM 07 July 2014
Very helpful :)
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Edisson N
3:16 AM 21 June 2014
You r great
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Brenda J
7:46 PM 24 February 2014
This was very interesting.
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Shirley T
12:15 PM 18 January 2014
What is the difference between sanded grout and use sanded grout? Why use sanded grout? Thanks
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Juan I
5:15 AM 20 September 2013
Thanks for making this lesson easy to learn. I really enjoyed it. I have a question. If you already have tile that has been grouted, but there are now cracks and minor holes, can you apply this method on top of the existing filling?
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