Shelter and Survival in the Wilderness

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Shelter and Survival in the Wilderness

by The Pathfinder School

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  • Karl G: I have a large orange tarp I carry in my car just in case I break down somewhere, get lost out in the wilderness or something that I can use to shade the car, or attach to the car to extend some shelter out from it and be additionally visible from my small red car.
  • russ h: Very deserving of a tip, but poverty won't allow it at this time. Thank you for the lesson though. I've enjoyed your t.v. programs over the last few years, and thanks to you, I've considered getting off the grid permanently. In your opinion do believe its really possible? Also, what state short of Alaska, do you think is the most viable. Again, thank you very much...peace. Russell
  • Anton A: Very good stuff man, keep up the good work !
  • wayne k: thank you...very worth while lesson.
  • Mary Helen G: Thanks a lot! Maybe you've saved my life, but I have no plans to go roaming in the woods any time soon!
  • ezer s: The questions after every lesson enhances my understanding of the why things are done. Thanks.