What's Missing in the Global Debate Over Refugees

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In the ongoing debate over refugees, we hear from everyone -- from politicians who pledge border controls to citizens who fear they'll lose their jobs -- everyone, that is, except migrants themselves. Why are they coming? Journalist and TED Fellow Yasin Kakande explains what compelled him and many others to flee their homelands, urging a more open discussion and a new perspective. Because humanity's story, he reminds us, is a story of migration: "There are no restrictions that could ever be so rigorous to stop the wave of migration that has determined our human history," he says.

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Conrad S
Right on, Brother!!
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Shereen A
Mishayla beautifully articulated. My life is greatly enriched for exposure and sharing in other people’s cultures sharing mine with them. Turns out there is no one right way to live life.
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John M
Whatever the harsh circumstances, any migrants should not seek to reproduce their cultures in their new country... they should try to integrate into their new culture. Most of the problems stem from new immigrants trying to impose their cultures on the host country.
Mishayla B
To most people, their culture is who they are, it’s what defines their unique character and values; morals. Are you imposing these people abandon themselves? Simply leave who they are behind? I don’t think you’ve really ever thought about what makes you who you are. Who would YOU be without everything you’ve grown up with. Without your way of life. Your memories, your experiences. You wouldn’t even be the same person. These are people with diverse experiences in which we should be embracing.
Mishayla B
I’ve never seen any immigrant try to impose their ways on anyone. Usually they are just practicing their ways as they would in their homeland. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had any Muslim, Buddhist, etc knocking at my door asking if they could “share the good word” about their God/Gods. Reevaluate how you’re viewing these people. They’re not just immigrants, they’re human.
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