Freezing Fresh Pie Filling

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by Stacy Brewer
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Freezing Fresh Pie Filling

by Stacy Brewer

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  • Grace L: Thanks for the lesson. I love baking pies for special occasions. This will make it much easier.
  • Irene G: What a great way to use fresh apples when in season and more economical:). Can you do this with other fresh fruit?
  • Sylvia S: Good idea for freezing pie filling.
  • ma d: You might mention that you put apples in pie crust while still frozen.... Or do you thaw first? Nice way of preparing fruit. Very clear, sounded like a pro.
  • sandra s: instructions are good but playbac keeps stopping and restarting
  • Candace K: Thank you so much for this lesson. Will this technique work on other pie fillings as well? I am thinking of peach, strawberry etc. Thank you, Candace
  • Meer d: Good tip
  • Penny F: Excellent way to save fruit pie filling for another time. Many thanks.
  • Nat M: Thanks.
  • Alice W: No water or butter like I usually make apie?
  • Arlene L: What a great time saving tip!
  • Jackie B: Loved it!!
  • Carolyn D: Quite amazing- I have been cooking and freezing for decades but never knew uncooked apple could be frozen like that, Thank you! I hope you have more videos you have a very nice manner and way of explaining things.
  • Sakineh T: thank you.it was uesful.
  • graeme l: like your knees
  • fairy l: Dear Miss: We are a company mainly works at the building of daily online education in China. We were impressed by your wonderful videos on the curious.com and would like to cooperate with you. Our website is similar with the curious.com so if you were interested in opening up the Chinese online-teaching market, please let me know. More detailed information about the cooperation will be send if you have any intention. (Wisdom Valley Group)
  • Carlajo W: Great lesson! Thanks
  • Mela V: Nice! This makes easier and faster to bake your pie when you need it. Thank you!
  • Angie L: Thank you for sharing this recipe!
  • Janet W: This looks like a great idea for Holiday Season pies; make them ahead of time so that when they are needed, all you have to do is bake them!
  • TOBY C: wonderful tip for great cooks. never new you could freeze apples for a pie without applying some preservative to them. really, really enjoy video.
  • Aleta M: Do these instructions work with any kind of fruit?