How to Sign the Alphabet in ASL

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Start learning sign language, beginning with the alphabet! This video lesson from Sign Language 101 will teach you all the basics of spelling in ASL.

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Kara W
I did learn to sign the alphabet in elementary school and this is a great crash course/brush up because I had forgotten some things.
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julie h
I always get confused with d and f, but this is great I like it he makes it easy to learn
DeafAllies D
If it helps, D comes first before F in the alphabet and looks like the number ONE.
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sarah l
Great lesson! This makes learning to sign easy. The hardest part is being able to read it when others use it.
DeafAllies D
Don't be afraid to ask someone to sign again! The Deaf community is very welcoming to those genuinely interested in learning and respecting their culture. It's not uncommon for someone to repeat something multiple times. Keep at it! You will improve with practice and the best way is to sign with someone else.
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vonnie g
How do you sign the word "holiday"?
Rmoriarty R
Holiday is signed
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samantha s
some people say u have to sign fast. is that true?
DeafAllies D
No that's not true actually; you can sign at whatever speed you're comfortable. Just like speech there are various speeds that people tend to sign at. In fact those on coastal states are known to sign much faster than those native to souther and midwestern states. I personally have found that to be true. It is perfectly okay to ask someone to slow down if they're signing to fast for you. The important thing is to sign with others in person to improve your skill.
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