How to Refurbish Wood Cabinets

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by Ron Hazelton
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How to Refurbish Wood Cabinets

by Ron Hazelton

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  • kathy b: Can i skip the stain marker and sand the wood and stain,perhaps restaing another coat over light areas?
  • kathy b: what if i might want to add a 2nd coat of stain-do I use plain stain then polyurethane?
  • kathy b: I have a thin crack on top of a dresser I'm refinishing.Don't like the look of wood putty. Is there another technique perhaps with resin? structure not effected.
  • kathy b: So glad i found you! What is the best way to sand around intricate carvings?
  • Tim A: Nice and easy, thank you.
  • Janice M: Wow ..... this was great!!! It really looks easy!!!! Amazing!!!!
  • florence w: I was afraid to tackle that task but you have made it look so easy . Thank You
  • Deirdre H: This was a great lesson and easy to follow. Well explained
  • rene f: My dark golden oak kitchen cupboards need an update and I was thinking of something lighter. I would like to change the hardware but the current hardware is in the middle of the doors. I have no idea how to do this. Help.
  • bruce o: I liked the step by step instructions
  • Bonnie W: great job , easy to understand, bravo
  • Judy B: A wonderful instructional lesson.
  • Mary H: Great lesson. Just in time for me to tackle my kitchen cabinets before I get new countertops and backsplash. Will I have to use a darker finish or can I keep it close to the same color it is now?
  • Tracy M: This was very helpful and easy to follow. Thank you.
  • denise d: very informative but the feed kept cutting out
  • Julie T: my kitchen is dark brown i want it cream in colour
  • sandra g: I was cdisc ussing this process with my hairdresser today.
  • Patricia-ann W: a very handy lesson .
  • Darlene H: Great lesson and OH SO EASY! Will be doing my cabinets next week. Thanks Ron, you're a Great teacher.