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How to Refurbish Wood Cabinets

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Are your wood cabinets looking a bit shabby? In this DIY home improvement lesson, learn to refurbish your bath or kitchen cabinetry and give it new life.
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bruce o
8:05 PM 08 December 2014
I liked the step by step instructions
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sandra g
6:35 PM 05 June 2014
I was cdisc ussing this process with my hairdresser today.
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Janice M
9:33 PM 02 June 2014
Wow ..... this was great!!! It really looks easy!!!! Amazing!!!!
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Darlene H
11:14 PM 16 March 2014
Great lesson and OH SO EASY! Will be doing my cabinets next week. Thanks Ron, you're a Great teacher.
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florence w
5:20 PM 10 March 2014
I was afraid to tackle that task but you have made it look so easy . Thank You
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