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DIY Hobbyist, Robotics, AI & Maker

There are two things I'm passionate about: my family and Robotics / Engineering of all kinds. I'm a Senior Software Engineer who holds a Master's in Software Engineering and a Master's in A.I. and Robotics. My goal for my lessons is to cover a variety of topics in Robotics, Programming, Adruino, Raspberry Pi and more... And my hope is that my tutorials will break down perplexing solutions into 'bytes' of tech know-how.

New Curious lesson - How to Use Puck.js and JavaScript

New Curious lesson - How to Use Puck.js and JavaScript

I'm thrilled to share my newest lesson, How to Use Puck.js and JavaScript.

Makers unite! In this arduino-style lesson, learn how to use the Puck.js—a small disk with multiple built-in sensors (via Bluetooth) that runs on JavaScript.

Happy Learning!

Curiously yours,
Robo Papa

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