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January 29, 2017

A Latina explains why she backs the March for Life

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Some from Latin America say Washington has historically imposed "a sort of imperialism" in its funding for global groups that offer family planning advice, including access to abortion. Produced by: The World staff. Image credit: Yuri Gripas/Reuters.

Aired January 27, 2017

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Ricki V
Personally, I'm pro-choice. It's should be completely up to the woman an man involved.
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Jean M
AMEN!!! Dr. Kristy, Thanks for speaking out.
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Sheila B
I am pro-life and I greatly appreciate Curious posting this segment for all to hear. I believe true dialogue happens when we are willing to listen without a preset bias; just listen. Too often, we are limited to sources of information that have a bias, or agenda in place. Such censorship is harmful to all. I agree with Dr. Cristy's opinion that none of us fit neatly into one category of politics.
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Meagan G
It was refreshing to see a pro-life movement reported on, but disappointing that the woman had no issues with the fact that it was a room of men making laws about women's bodies. The law affects women and there should've been women there at the signing to represent. But as a whole, Trump's policies are dangerous and eroding American values. How can you be pro-life if you're willing to shut out refugees and deny them shelter and safety? It's hypocritical.
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Angie R
I am completely and utterly pro-life- no capital punishment , no euthanasia, no torture, no abortions. But I disagree with mr. Trump in so may other ways and he frightens me. I am Canadian so have no vote in the US AND HAVE A GREAT DEAL OF difficulty understanding how Mr Trump got this far because he has so many unchristian like opinions and plans.
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