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Polymer Claydate with Pandora
Pandora's All Jewelry Party

Your wish is Old Pandora's command; so I'm thrilled to invite you to my exciting
ALL JEWELRY polymer clay and mixed media Party.

The pretties we make together will nudge your imagination and encourage you to express yourself in creative, fun and beautiful ways. And there's lots of detail;
so I won't leave you hangin'.

Your family, friends and customers will cherish the things you make and they'll keep asking, "How did you DO that?"
Don't tell'em.

It's Time for a Little Madness

It's Time for a Little Madness

I am SO excited to share my new Steampunk Course with you. I've worked harder on this course than I ever have before because I wanted to bring you completely original projects that neither of us had ever seen. You'll also learn lots of mixed media techniques that you can use on all kinds of different crafts.

None of these pieces are difficult to make. Just take your time and release your inner Steampunk. And don't forget I'm always here if you have any questions.

All My Best,

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