Handmade Fabric Bracelets

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Recycle - or rather, upcycle - your old t-shirts and fabric scraps! Follow along with Missy as she teaches you to finger-knit these handmade fabric bracelets.

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Ketan K
Thanks for the tutorials.
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aneela k
i really liked it i want to learn more.
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aneela k
i will love to learn more maam
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aneela k
nice we can make a nice bracelet with a cloth like this
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Kaydee C
Thank you...I teach a small group of older women who want to keep learning to express themselves. They are learning to use their brains to stay younger, because, as we have found out, if you stop learning, you start to vegetate! You become bored and boring! But as long as you keep motivated, learning new and interesting techniques to create bracelets, or drawing and painting...why, then you are actually staying alive and getting younger! They are from 60 to 94 years old. Thank you, Kaydee C.
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