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Five-Minute Makeup Routine

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Beat the rush with this five-minute makeup routine. Learn how to use double-duty and time-saving cosmetics to quickly achieve a flawless look!
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Carrie M
3:08 AM 20 April 2015
Fun video with helpful tips! Thank you!!
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3:14 PM 04 March 2015
Good job!
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Remya R
3:07 AM 02 January 2015
You are really pretty without makeup. Loved ur energy n way of presentation n specially that confidence. Thanks for all those tips.
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Alex S
10:14 PM 16 December 2014
Why are you so pretty
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Simone 8
4:50 PM 16 December 2014
Thanks for this lesson. I always assumed make-up was something hard that you WILL screw up, if you don't have experience, but this seems super easy for a first-timer! Thanks again!
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