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Kent D. Smith
Piano, Drum and Music Lessons

Kent D. Smith is a composer, performer, and music instructor with over 25 years of professional experience. The topics covered in Kent's tutorials come directly from his teaching experience. When recording a lesson, Kent chooses a familiar student who would be able to understand the material, and imagines he is teaching directly to that student. (The chosen student varies, according to the topic and the level of experience required.)
Kent started drum lessons at age 7, and landed a part-time professional gig at 14. He has a college degree in music with a focus on classical and jazz piano.

The "Blues Piano Crash Course" is available Now!

The "Blues Piano Crash Course" is available Now!

My entire "Blues Piano Crash Course" is now available on Curious! This course includes a bonus "mini-course" on additional improv techniques and theory, using Van Morrison's classic "Moondance" as a vehicle. Enjoy!

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