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The O'Neil Sisters

Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil are sisters and authors of the book Steampunk Chic: Vintage Flair From Recycled Finds. Their crafting, decorating, and flea market articles appear regularly in Woman’s World, Craft Ideas, and Create and Decorate magazines. They also write for the websites of Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, Ladies' Home Journal, HGTV, Fine Living, Parents, and LifetimeTV.

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, they are the granddaughters of Chic Young, creator of the comic strip “Blondie and Dagwood.”

How to Make Leaf Candle Tarts, now on Curious.com

How to Make Leaf Candle Tarts, now on Curious.com

Candle tarts are fun and trendy! They are little wax shapes that melt on a candle warmer and fill the room with a great scent!

Come check out our new lesson and learn to make your own scented candle tarts. They're great for holiday gifts since you can make them in batches.

Remember while you're making your candle tarts, we are around to help. Just leave us a comment on the lesson and we'll reply!

Jennifer & Kitty

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