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How to Refinish a Chair

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Interested in making over your old furniture? Give your chairs new life by reupholstering them with the O'Neil Sisters!
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Nicole L
2:40 PM 23 September 2014
I learned some important information to refinish chairs. I have 2 very similar chairs that I purchased over a year ago to refinish but I didn't feel completely confident about all the details and how they would look. I'm feeling confident now!
The O'Neil Sisters
6:13 AM 13 October 2014
Thanks for watching the lesson, Nicole! We're so glad we could help you feel more confident about refinishing your chairs! Maybe you can upload a picture of them when you're through? We'd love to see how they turn out!
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Maire W
10:54 PM 22 March 2014
Great. Lesson. Easy to follow.
The O'Neil Sisters
9:09 PM 25 March 2014
Wonderful to hear!
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Ramona M
2:29 PM 15 February 2014
Will be doing mine soon. Thanks.great demo and instructions.
The O'Neil Sisters
7:18 PM 18 February 2014
Thanks, Ramona! Let us know if you have any questions when you're working on your chair. We're here to help!
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Quinetta J
2:49 AM 03 January 2014
You two did a fantastic job on teaching on how to recover a chair seat. Thank you very much for sharing .
The O'Neil Sisters
9:58 PM 06 January 2014
Glad you found the lesson helpful, Quinetta! Hope your chair project turns out great!
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Quinetta J
2:25 AM 03 January 2014
I'm watching to refresh my memory on how to redo a chair seat. thank you for sharing.
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