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How to Create a Mosaic Tray

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Looking for your next craft project? Follow along with Jennifer and Kitty as they teach you how to create a unique mosaic tray.
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Pamela O
1:23 AM 07 August 2015
Love this lesson, thanks so much
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Sherri R
6:43 PM 08 March 2015
Really enjoyed learning how this is done!
The O'Neil Sisters
10:26 PM 08 March 2015
That is so nice, Sherri! It's much easier to work with 2-part resin than people think. We hope your tray comes out awesome!
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Sherri R
6:32 PM 08 March 2015
Awesome project, love the lesson, thank you!
The O'Neil Sisters
10:25 PM 08 March 2015
Thanks, Sherri! We're so glad you found us and liked the lesson. Let us know how your tray turns out!
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Barbara B
7:19 PM 24 February 2015
I enjoyed watching the demo! Is it possible to watch it again?
The O'Neil Sisters
7:06 PM 03 March 2015
Thanks for watching our mosaic tray lesson, Barbara! You can absolutely watch the lesson again once you're enrolled (and that's true of any lesson). It sometimes helps to watch one section of a lesson over and over again -- or even watch a lesson while you're making the project at the same time. Hope your mosaic turns out great. Let us know how it goes!
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Sharon L
9:08 PM 31 December 2014
This is a nice lesson on how to make a mosaic tray.
The O'Neil Sisters
6:32 PM 07 January 2015
Thanks for watching our mosaic tray lesson, Sharon! Let us know if you have any questions while you're working on your tray. We're happy to help if we can!
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