How to Extract Strawberry DNA

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Ever wonder what DNA actually looks like—in real life, not under a microscope? Wonder no more! Extract DNA from a strawberry, and see for yourself.

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Tammy B
Interesting ????
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Linda R
Interesting but the sound was not very clear.
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Eve M
Great! Thanks for sharing!
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Liz E
I agree. It was a good try at an experiment; however, the conclusion was disappointing. Sound was not good. In college biology class we did this with our own DNA. It was very cool. Looked like a little cloud floating in water. The God comment was unnecessary and insulting. I thought it was a lesson in DNA, not religion. Shame on CURIOUS for not screening better. Glad my faith is strong enough to ignore opinions that don't matter.
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Debbie J
Our Science center had a lab for kids for a few months where you could actually do experiments on your own. The labs that were set were a crime lab working with fingerprints and a lab a DNA lab. I can't remember what fruit was used but I know it wasn't strawberries because it wasn't red at the end. Anyway not only did my niece and nephew like it but so did Mom & Dad. So, thank you for presenting because now I know what materials and tools needed for me to do this at home for my family!
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