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Meira Gottlieb
Arts Educator & Creative

I am a Google Certified Educator, Educational Technologist, Digital Arts Educator, and Creative. I am passionate about creativity & creating, education, art, technology, and life long learning.

I have a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Alfred University with concentrations in digital media, photography, and graphic design. I have a Masters degree in Educational Technology from Teachers College, Columbia University.

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How to Take Awesome Photos on an iPhone – New Curious Course

Ready for a new course? I am excited to share my most recently published course, How to Take Awesome Photos on an iPhone.

Learn how to take awesome photos with your iPhone! In this fun course exploring the iPhone camera app, discover its built-in accessories, explore third party apps, and snap better selfies to share.

I hope you enjoy the new course!

Meira Gottlieb

New Curious lesson - Using Labels & Filters in Gmail

I'm thrilled to share my newest lesson, Using Labels & Filters in Gmail.

It's time to upgrade your Gmail experience! In this lesson, learn all about Google Mail organizational tools that will help you to customize your inbox.

Take a look and let me know in the comments what you think!

Curiously yours,
Meira Gottlieb

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