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Marketing, Organizational Theory and Business

Robert Barcik is a co-founder of MeanThat, an educational platform that has helped more than a quarter million students to learn efficiently. In 2014, he got inspired by KhanAcademy and created his first teaching videos and after placing them on YouTube he reached a global audience in a heartbeat, all eager to learn! Several universities and as well MBA students from all over the world started to use the videos for their lecturing.

With this, he jumped the educational train and in the upcoming months became a university lecturer and developer of Flipped Teaching with a focus on Marketing, Organizational Theory and Business. Along with that, Robert is a Business graduate and Data Analysis student at Swedish Dalarna University. Here, he cooperates with the educational institutes to promote an innovative ways of teaching.

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How to Build a SaaS Business, now on Curious.com

Ready for a new course? I am excited to share my most recently published course, How to Build a SaaS Business.

Ever heard of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)? In this course, lecturer Robert Barcik walks you through all of the essentials to understanding and competing in the lucrative business area.

Looking forward to seeing your Curious Assignment!


Latest course from MeanThat

I'm thrilled to share my newest course, Organizational Change & Decision-Making.

In this course from Mean That, learn all about organizational change and organizational decision-making, from the basic concepts and theories behind them to the factors that influence them.

Looking forward to seeing your Curious Assignment!

Robert Barcik from MeanThat

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