Piano for Beginners

A 7-part course with Mark Almond

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Course Overview

Does the traditional path to mastering piano bore you? Even Mozart would be turned off by years and years of uninteresting exercises with no sign of the bigger picture. Take a new approach! In this seven-part course by Mark Almond, you’ll learn the music theory behind beautiful melodies and harmonies and have fun doing it. By finding and memorizing the patterns that form chords and melodies, you’ll fly through beginner material and move onto the good stuff in no time. By the end of this course, you should know how to play the 12 major and minor chords and mix them up to form progressions.


  • Total Time 1 hr, 4 min
  • Lessons 7
  • Exercises 35
  • 36 CQ

7 Lessons in This Course

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