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Lord Ganesha in Hindu Art

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Learn through art and sculpture about how the Lord Ganesha got his elephant head, lost his tusk, and other stories from oral tradition.
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Heather C
3:30 PM 08 April 2013
LOVE this lesson, but can't show it because of the breasts on the statue of Parvati:( Could you take that out?
Lucas Livingston
1:12 AM 09 April 2013
Hi Heather. Thanks for the comment. I'm pleased you like the lesson. I understand nudity in art is a challenging force for many of us to deal with, but instead of avoiding it, perhaps you could take this as an opportunity to broach the topic of nudity in art. There's a helpful free resource produced by the Art Institute of Chicago exploring how to talk about nudity in art: http://www.artic.edu/aic/collections/citi/resources/Rsrc_001627.pdf
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Kristen W
7:38 PM 11 December 2012
You've done a great job making art history fun! Thanks :D Looking forward to some more lessons...
Lucas Livingston
8:20 PM 11 December 2012
Thanks Kristen! That's the way art history should be! Glad you dig it and stay tuned...
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