Introduction to Arduino Microcontrollers

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by Jeremy Blum
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Introduction to Arduino Microcontrollers

by Jeremy Blum

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  • A. B: Awesome thanks very much for an excellent tutorial.
  • Michael D: Again, a nice, concise presentation. Very nice, Jeremy
  • Matthew G: Very clear and easy to use. Thanks so much!!
  • Fadi T: Great session. Can you make the coding font a little more visible?
  • Bryan K: Good job man! Cool video
  • Colette E: Very interesting!
  • Rosendy G: Great keep going
  • Jim F: Thanks
  • Vidya b: Thank you for the lesson it is very applicable for projects
  • Dan T: This is a superb introduction to Arduino, an inexpensive microcontroller (a simple computer) that you can easily program to handle an almost unlimited number tasks for hobbyists. Jeremy Blum's tutorial is a great example of how to teach things which may seem complicated at first, but when broken down into small steps, are not so difficult to understand.
  • Anahi V: Thank you teacher!