Spelling vs. Speaking

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Some people blame their accents for poor spelling, but speaking “improperly” isn’t the problem. Learn about the difference between speaking and spelling.

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First R
Joanne, thanks for the reply: however, let me run this by you on pronunciation and spelling. I have for years been unable to spell "Pretty" correctly, because I pronounced it "Per-Tee". Recently when I was writing a note I ask if my "Per-T, or Pur-T", which really was "Pretty" was spelled "Pre" instead of how I was spelling it "Per"? I was then told it was not pronounced "Pertty", but instead "Pret-T". Here I believe if I was pronouncing it correctly I might have been able to spell it correctly.
How to Spell
But that's how you say/said it in your lovely accent. Don't beat yourself up about the way you speak. I know you have a good visual memory so use that to recognise patterns. I drop my "h's" because of my accent and that caused me problems with as/has but it shouldn't have caused me problems if schools had taught me grammar, and spelling strategies, but they didn't. So now I'm learning so much that I didn't learn at school. Your accent and who you are are unique - you're special First. Joanne
How to Spell
Oh, and another point. Schools should teach how important it is to "code switch" between a valid local accent, patois, dialect to a standardised accent when needed in interviews, formal situations etc. I know a lot of students do this. In London, some kids have to 'code switch' between Jamaican, street, London, standard, all the time, or even languages - Arab, English, street slang, London, formal. It would be good for kids to understand this, and also to be taught Standard English grammar.
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First R
Joanne do you use the word "but" over there as we use the word "and" here? Anyway regardless if it's "but or and" I certainly hope you are right. Because if there's anyone that can not speak very well it's me, and of course you already know I can ton spell. Have a Great Day, "but" you already know I love you, First
How to Spell
Hi First, we use "but" and "and" like you do there. Joanne
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