Mixing with 3rd Party & Stock Plugins

A 6-part course with David Vignola

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Course Overview

When it comes to mixing music, a common debate is whether 3rd party plugins or stock plugins sound better. In this course with audio engineer David Vignola, examine the plugin argument, and then get a side-by-side comparison using stock plugins, followed by 3rd party plugins, on the same song mixed by the same engineer to decide which is best. Learn why you may want to wait to invest in 3rd party plugins, like the cambridge EQ or 1176 compressor, or take the plunge to boost your mixing skills.


  • Total Time 1 hr, 40 min
  • Lessons 6
  • Attachments 14
  • Exercises 30
  • 52 CQ

6 Lessons in This Course

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