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We are dedicated to preserving the environment by providing you with cost-effective, state-of-the-art, organic growing supplies and the information and tools needed to apply them. We strive to provide growers at every level, from home gardeners to commercial farmers, with great service, low prices and the best selection of quality products available. We promise to remain focused on “organic” and will continue to participate in outreach programs to promote the benefits of organic growing, while maintaining our leadership as one of the pioneers of America’s organic gardening supplies marketplace.

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Don't let flies and mosquitoes chase you indoors.

The weather is lovely and the outdoors is calling your name. Do you love sitting outside to enjoy a summer dinner, but hate getting besieged by flies and mosquitoes?

Check out this lesson on getting rid of flies and mosquitoes organically, no poison necessary.

Let me know what you think of the lesson. And remember, I'm here if you have any questions!

Cheers, GrowOrganic.com

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