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Fiber Designs By Ann
Fabric and Fiber Designs and Projects

My name is Ann L. Scott, I’m a studio artist, teacher, and owner of Fiber Designs by Ann. I explore and produce fabric, mixed media and surface designs using fiber, thread, paint, dye, and more. I have been working & playing with fabric for over forty years and it continues to be what I’m most passionate about. After learning traditional quilt making early on, and winning awards for my hand work, I began to design, construct, and teach the contemporary art quilt, which led to painting my own fabrics. My artwork has been published, exhibited and is in private collections. I’m excited to discover and share more fabric and fiber creations.

New course from Fiber Designs By Ann

New course from Fiber Designs By Ann

Ready for a new course? I am excited to share my most recently published course, Mixed Media Art Quilting.

Mixed media art quilting is a versatile art that taps into all realms of creativity! Ann walks you through the fun and diverse process of producing a hangable mixed media art quilt.

Let me know what you think of the course. And remember, I'm here if you have any questions!

Fiber Designs By Ann

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