The Basics of Stargazing

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The night sky is full of wonder, beauty, and mystery. So look up, and learn how to locate features and measure distances in this stargazing lesson!

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belinda jo k
thank you, enjoyed an learned what I was hoping to do . thank you for your efforts, presentation was easy an will watch more. Belinda
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Margot S
Hi David... Thanks for the lesson! It was great. I have followed some of your videos for years and love the way you teach :) I would love to have lessons on identifying the major constellations .... For each season... And how to easily find them in the sky. Thanks!!!!
Eyes on the Sky
Hi Margot - glad to share! I always do a "How to find the constellations for the season" on the week where the solstice or equinox falls. They can be found on my YouTube channel.
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Annette V
Would like more info on finding stars, but very interesting
Eyes on the Sky
Hi Annette - I do a lot of that on my weekly YouTube videos.
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James w
this was a revelation to
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Clint S
Great lesson, maybe more detail on right ascension and declination, those made less sense...everything else was very easy to understand.
Eyes on the Sky
Hi Clint - I touch on those briefly because they do come up occasionally when new stargazers are looking for objects, and see the "RA/Dec" designations. But beyond knowing that they are like latitude/longitude projected onto the sky, there's not a whole lot that's necessary to know about them for getting started.
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