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3 ways to improve your study habits

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Michael M
Sometimes the "telling others" execution has a way of backfiring. There have been numerous studies, especially on those of people and New Years resolutions, where people are SIGNIFICANTLY less likely to attain their goals by voicing them. From what I recall in readings, it has a psychological tendency to relieve oneself of responsibility because voicing it gives the same brain chemical satisfaction. http://metro.co.uk/2016/01/02/why-you-shouldnt-tell-people-your-new-years-resolutions-5596661/
Excel in Exams
Thanks for that point, Michael. I understand your point - and have had similar discussions with others! The key is to tell your "honesty person" - someone who is interested in your progress and will check in on you and those commitments that you have made to yourself. You are right: telling those who have no real interest nor an inclination to follow up will tend to result in relieved responsibility :)
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