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How to Improve Your Drawing Skills

Disappointed by your doodles, and wish you could draw better? Michael is here to show you a great way to practice shapes and improve your drawing skills.
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TC Lale E
9:52 AM 29 October 2015
It was a beautifully prepared, easy to understand lesson. Thank you!
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Aury G
10:51 PM 11 September 2015
Love this idea. I used and index card great practice
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Laura W
6:43 PM 05 September 2015
That was a fun! We spent the rainy Saturday doing that with the kids and coloring it after :)
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Rebecca F
10:47 AM 17 July 2015
Always wondered what Zengals were about. Great video.
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Norma M
3:28 AM 19 June 2015
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