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How to Improve Your Drawing Skills

Disappointed by your doodles, and wish you could draw better? Michael is here to show you a great way to practice shapes and improve your drawing skills.
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Rebecca F
10:47 AM 17 July 2015
Always wondered what Zengals were about. Great video.
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Norma M
3:28 AM 19 June 2015
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Janet A
3:31 AM 09 June 2015
My first intro to doing a Zentangle. Thanks. :-)
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Jodi M
2:29 PM 04 June 2015
Thank u!
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Jordan W
8:40 AM 25 May 2015
I wanted to find an exercise that wasn't something that I'd end up putting pressure on to be perfect, and I finally found it. After a few months of adding new designs and getting better, I have actually made really intricate and detailed drawings based on the river bed concept that several friends asked for to have as art in their apartments or houses. I've not found anything quite like this out there, so kudos for a really effective and low pressure exercise!
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