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How to Improve Your Drawing Skills

Disappointed by your doodles, and wish you could draw better? Michael is here to show you a great way to practice shapes and improve your drawing skills.
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Clarissa c
11:34 PM 15 April 2015
It was very relaxing doing this
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Anna Y
10:33 PM 13 April 2015
I appreciate you showing us this. It was really helpful
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Lisa P
5:49 AM 13 April 2015
Thank you was informative
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Leslie S
4:59 PM 08 April 2015
These symptoms subside and you continue to improve..."Give yourself some grace." Thank you. Until now I've been intimidated by the "imperfection" of my attempts to draw! Wow, what a great way to perceive the experience of being. Beginning drawer...like your first few times at the gym you'll feel. Little awkward and your muscles ache, but with persistent practice you continue to improve! Until now I've been intimidated by the "imperfection " of my drawing! What. Relief...again, THnk You!!!
4:33 PM 09 April 2015
You are so welcome - When I started to draw again after many years working on computers and not holding a pencil, I was very discouraged at first. Hang in there!
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Megan S
4:13 AM 08 April 2015
Thank you so much for this! I intend to use this exercise as often as I can. I had been wondering how I could improve my drawings. Thanks again!
4:34 PM 09 April 2015
Awesome ! so glad it helps!
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