How to Write a Well Structured Essay

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Need to write a clear, concise paper for high school or college? Learn the structure of a basic five-paragraph essay and how to formulate a thesis statement.

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Diana S
Thank you. It was simple and to the point.
David Taylor
That's great to hear. Let me know anything you needs.
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Dynasty R
This really helped me prepare for my English essay! Thank you so much!!!!!!!
David Taylor
Dynasty--don't forget to use your gramma/spellchecker on your essay before turning it in!
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Gail W
Excellent - I should have written it down PROPERLY because I forgot/got muddled. Will watch it again and concenrate harder!
David Taylor
Good plan, Gail. Make liberal use of the play/pause button.
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Lisa B
I am a 49 yr old who has decided to go back to College and get her Bachelor's Degree but I seem to be having a problem writing essay papers. A lot has changed since I attended College over 25 yrs ago, so any additional help is always welcomed. Thank you for the great lesson here. It has helped me out and I will be reviewing this lesson again for future classes.
David Taylor
As a 49-year-old, you have considerable advantages over traditional-aged students--life experience, wisdom, motivation. Adult students always shine in the traditional classroom.
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Marianne B
Thank you very very helpful and simple good formulas to understand
David Taylor
Hi, Marianne--So glad that you found it helpful. Remember that this are just basic formulas and that you are free to add your own flair. The key is logical structure, no matter the flair. Good luck!
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