Fun Crochet Projects for Families

A 10-part course with Crochet Lovers

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Course Overview

If you've mastered the basics of crochet, and want to move on to more intermediate, fun crochet projects and patterns, this course is for you! Follow along to learn how to create crochet pieces that are fun for the whole family, like crochet beards, a darling tutu dress fit for a ballerina or princess, and an adorable crocheted hooded cowl with cat ears. Plus, discover how to make fashionable projects like a purse handbag and a finger knitted necklace, as well as different crochet flower motifs.


  • Total Time 2 hr, 3 min
  • Lessons 10
  • Attachments 40
  • Exercises 44
  • 65 CQ

10 Lessons in This Course

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