Curious Conversations

Anthony Saleh

Putting Aside Fear to Be Your Best Self

From founding a successful music management group to funding and advising dozens of technology startups, Anthony Selah has taken an unconventional path to success. Selah discusses the experiences and relationships that led him down this path -- and how they continue to shape his life today.

Anthony Selah, CEO of Emagen Entertainment Group

Anthony Saleh is a leading artist manager in the music industry who got his start managing hip-hop icon Nas. He has since risen to CEO of Emagen Entertainment Group, which continues to represent Nas -- along with Alina Baraz, YG, and others. For his work as CEO, he was recognized by Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 in Music. In 2013, Saleh and Nas joined forces to start their own VC Fund which they use to support new artists and entrepreneurs.

Curious Conversations, intimate live discussions

Curious Conversations are meant to spark curiosity and fulfill the thirst for knowledge. Thought leaders, experts, and some of the world’s most interesting people join us for engaging discussions. The conversations are filmed in front of a studio audience in the heart of Silicon Valley and broadcast live around the world.

Conversations aren’t one-sided lectures. They are interactive. Anyone, anywhere can ask questions and have them answered on air.

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