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How to escape a bear hug

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Laura B
Can you just run away when you get out or do you recommend actually doing to rest of the steps? (The info was really easy to follow and remember. Thanks.)
Chuck Johnson
Of course, running away is always the best option. ;) If you can, then you get away unharmed and without harming them. (Keeping in mind that if you actually seriously hurt them, then you run the risk of legal trouble yourself). I'd recommend running hands down! The reason I showed follow up, is just in case you are in a position where you can't run; or if you need to do something to slow them down so they can't chase you. Great question!
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Doreen J
Awesome like to see. Ore I will ass it down to my family
Chuck Johnson
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! Hope you find it helpful!
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Stevie T
Thank you SO much for this information. I'm going to share it with my middle school students.
Chuck Johnson
It's my pleasure! I'm glad you found the video helpful and useful! :)
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Kathleen T
Hope I never need this, but it was good to see just in case!
Chuck Johnson
Thanks for checking it out! That's what we all hope for :) Tis better to have an not need, than to need and not have ;)
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