How to Knit an I-Cord

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If you’re planning on making handcrafted or knit ornaments, you’ll need to learn how to knit an I-cord—the loop of string from which the ornament hangs.

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Robert L
Dear Carrie, you are a wonderful and enjoyable knitting teacher ! I am really thankful I came across your lessons on Curious. I can't believe how much I've learned. Hope you teach additional classes. I have watched knitting shows on TV and haven't learned nearly as much. I feel as if I have my own personal knitting tutor right at the tip of my I Pad ! Well, I guess I practically do. Please keep up the GREAT work, and "Happy knitting" to you, too. Sheryl Lybrand , Aiken, SC
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Lori R
Carrie, I am considering buying your lessons..Although watching your knitting, I'm not sure if my Grandmother taught me to knit and crochet left handed.. She was ampidextrious,, (spelling here)..... Lori
Carrie Knits
I'm right-handed and I knit from my left needle to my right needle. Does that make any sense? Essentially, my 'project' is always on my right. I know people who knit the other way. Happy knitting!
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Mickey S
Thanks; I have never seen this before and it will come in handy when I finish the yoga bag I am working on.
Carrie Knits
I would LOVE to see the yoga bag when you're finished! Happy knitting!
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Cornelia C
I cannot find shoe laces that suit me. I will try this with some imported cashmere, soy and cotton yarn from China.
Carrie Knits
Great idea! I didn't even think of that! I hope they turn out well and work great!
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Sandra T
Wow...easy-peasy! Have been wanting to make some i-cords....didn't know it was so easy..Thanks!
Carrie Knits
I thought the same thing and now I'm making I-cords for everything! Happy knitting!
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