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Resolving Conflict Between People

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You can never change people by fighting their existing reality. Discover the best way to resolve conflict between family members or coworkers.

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Marcel M
Very interesting, but short. I'd like to go deep in this subject. Thanks.
Bill Crawford, Ph.D.
I agree - That's why I have a 10 lesson course on Curious.com that does just that - Plus you can get my book on Life from the Top of the Mind from my website.
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Kim F
Confused. This lesson opens with the fact that we can't change a persons reality. Meet that. Then it says we should practice listening to their reality to understand. Then, we suggest the possibility of change for the future. So, in the end, we still want to change their reality. We are instructed to just be better listeners and better understand the other persons reality.
Bill Crawford, Ph.D.
The idea is to avoid trying to change them first. If you want to be influential with someone you must first understand what is influencing them (their beliefs, perceptions, interpretations, etc.) ensure they know you understand their position, and then ask a neocortex question about the solution and the future. It is never about changing their reality, just their willingness to cooperate with us in the future. Hope this helps:-) Bill
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Claudette B
The lesson was very clear and presented so that even with limited practice some good should come out of trying what you suggest. The need for a non-conflicted person to clarify and lead to a more pleasant future is obvious.
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stdent12 d
Very good
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shirley h
thank you this will help me a lot
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