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Benjamin Krudwig
Benjamin Krudwig Fiber Arts and Design

Benjamin Krudwig has always had a passion for the fiber arts, and loves having the opportunity to teach others the art and craft of fiber. He has been teaching crochet online for nearly 5 years and has plans to teach the other fiber arts in time.

Warm Up This Winter With a Hand Made Wardrobe

Warm Up This Winter With a Hand Made Wardrobe

Though the dog days of summer are yet to arrive, I've been thinking about the cooler weather that isn't very far away. How to Crochet a Raglan Style Sweater, will prepare you for the colder months to come and add some handmade love to your wardrobe!

Designers, crocheters, and wearers of cozy sweaters: learn how to crochet your own raglan-style wool sweater from start to finish in this beginner-friendly course from Benjamin Krudwig.

Benjamin Krudwig

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