Parenting an Anxious Child

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Child therapist Natasha Daniels explains five ways to parent an anxious child and provides examples to show you how to accommodate the anxiety without enabling.

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Cherie B
Hi. Such a great reminder video thank you! My 3 year old son is such a loving gentle boy. As a baby he had a preference for not getting his hands dirty, he's prone to wanting things a certain way. ( I've teased my husband that his OCD's are hereditary) but as he's growing I'm getting concerned there might be more going on. He'll sometimes stop doing something the air around him will get heavy and he'll say, "mom I'm scared" sometimes it's over nothing. Other times it's social based. Advice?
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April M
Hi, my daughter throws up everyday in the first half of day. I can see she has anxiety but she says she likes the school and wants to learn bew things. I need advice on what to do. Thanks!
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Julieta K
Hey Natasha, just came across your site- great insight - thank you! My son is 12, in 7th grade, he has panic attacks when it comes to school. He has been homeschooled and continued to be homeschooled even when his father passed away 2 years ago. It was a hard time and a lot of stress. Today, he hates homeschooling so I put him in public school and he still has panic attacks at math, language arts. It concerns me tremendously. I want to help him- please advise me what to do.
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Cindy L
I have a student that is 2 1/2 year old with cerebral palsy with anxiety. Classroom size is 8 students with 2 teachers at this time (possibly third teacher coming in soon to help). The student is already in meltdown mode when they enter the room and this goes on for the first 90 mins. We have other childern to attend to. Any suggestions on how to make this transition go smoother for the student would be greatly appreciated.
Natasha Daniels
I wonder if she is in sensory overload mode? It might help to have her be the first to go into the room and acclimate to the environment before the other kids enter. I would try to get her into an activity in a quiet area of the room and have her face the wall as she does the activity so she is not overwhelmed. Maybe headphones as well if she would wear them?
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Maria J
My Daughter is 5 a week ago she was sick, when i took her to school on the 3rd day she threw up right in front of the school, she now has to throw up half way before we get to school i try to re sure her she will be OK but nothing works.
Natasha Daniels
So, are you saying she actually throws up halfway to school every day now?
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