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Andreas Waatz
Wordpress, Business, Social media

Learn how to create your own website with the free platform Wordpress. Wordpress is a popular and fun way to create your own personalized website, whether it's for your business, hobby or a personal blog.

Once you have a site, it's valuable to know how to get more customers and more traffic. I will teach you how to leverage social media and how to optimize your website for increased performance, that will lead to increased sales and improved traffic in the long run.

Best regards,

Andreas Waatz

I have a new lesson, How to Add Contact Form 7 in WordPress!

I have a new lesson, How to Add Contact Form 7 in WordPress!

I am excited to share my latest lesson on Curious, How to Add Contact Form 7 in WordPress!

What happens when visitors want to get in touch after visiting your site? Learn how to install a plugin—called Contact Form 7—in this WordPress lesson!

Looking forward to seeing your Curious Assignment!

Stay Curious!
Andreas Waatz

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