Basic Dojo Phrases

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You can't learn to fight until you learn the language of the dojo. Learn the meanings of phrases, numbers, and words likely to come up in martial arts class.

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Yoshiaki T
As a Japanese. A person knowing the martial art is not Ninjya. For Ninjya, the martial art is not an important element. For Ninjya, the most important element is a brain. In Japan, Hatsumi and Takamatsu are Ninjya frauds. Ninjutsu is farmer science and thief skill. The basic knowledge had much samurai.
Yoshiaki T
The kashiwade-style peculiar to this bujinkan is really comical. This movement does not have respect for God at all.
Curious .
There are different philosophies taught by different sensei and not everyone is open to all approaches.
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Tony N
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Michael J
My name is Michael Jones . What is it in chinese ?
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Nathan F
Do you know of any Dojos near Vandalia, OH that teach Ninjutsu or do you know of anywhere else where I can learn Ninjutsu for free? I liked your lesson though the terms could have gone by a little slower.
Curious .
Heres a dojo map, and you can google "ninjutsu bujinkan +your town"
Fred C
This is Fred Castro . I am deaf. Yes I want to learn how the ninjutsu. Yes, I want to join the class school. Where you can send me a message and what address and telephone. Thank you
Curious .
Hi Fred, Thanks for your message. You can start here to look at the school and find the dojo: If you want to send us your email address privately you can do it on this page: There is also information in the PDF download in this lesson you can read - it's 44 pages (look for the big paperclip and click on it!)
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Luke M
Cool information. Thank you.
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