Train Your Dog to Stop Barking

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Does your dog’s barking bother you or drive your neighbors crazy? Learn a seven-step process to control your dog’s barking, using only a clicker and treats.

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Autumn H
GREAT lesson and the simplicity of it makes it feel like something I can definitely do and get my dog to do as well. Thank you!
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Fran C
Around one minute and 24 seconds the guy is knocking on the wall and when the dog barks he hits the clicker in throws a treat. Doesn't this reinforce barking when somebody knocks at your door?
Susanne S
Yes it does, as he is teaching the dog to park on cue.
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Emily F
My dog doesn't bark badly, but she is a whiner. I'm going to try this to see if I can have her stop whining as much.
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Karen S
Hello. I just finished watching your video on how to do basic dog I have hope for my girl Brailey!! Brailey spent 2 1/2 years of her life in a no-kill shelter which is a blessing...but as a result, she has very little training. I taught her "sit" by myself...but your instructions will enable us to do so much more!! I really was losing do I teach her? Now I know! Clicker here we come! Thanks & keep doing what you do!
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Jill r
Excellent presentation!
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