Calendar, Colors, and Numbers in Spanish

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Searching for Spanish lessons? Look no further! Toucan Speak teaches Spanish for beginners in an easy to follow bilingual format. ¡Hoy es el día!

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Janet C
The movie between the two speakers is very distracting.
Curious .
We will bear that in mind for future courses. Thanks
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Meag E
The repetition is great. Glad to know the audio improves in future videos. Ditch those distracting tv screens in the background as well.
Curious .
Thanks Meag, we are glad you like it and we take all comments into consideration. All the best, Larry and Mac
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Margaret S
Is this Castillion Spanish he using a lol of TH in the pronunciation
Curious .
Hi, Yes this is Castilian Spanish, we specialise in Spanish from Spain and so vocabulary, pronunciation etc. reflects this. We hope you enjoy the lessons! Un saludo
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Renetha R
The audio makes it very hard to hear. Please mic your self individually and do not depend the camera to be the main source of your audio input. When your video is in post, layer the audio track on the video to create a better quality sound.
Curious .
Yes, we have done that on the new course, take a look it is on practical situations people may face in a Spanish speaking country
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Cindy F
I'm in agreement with Darlene and Melissa. It's very hard to hear the speakers because of the echo sound. And there is a lot of difficulty visually as well. The "news anchor set" isn't helpful. There's too much going on and you can't see the speakers well; most certainly not enough to see what they're saying. I look forward to the corrections you have in the works.
Curious .
Thanks for the comment. You'll love the next course we are putting up
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